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About Us


In our respective careers, we have always worked with people. We have helped people find solutions or resolutions to deeply challenging circumstances. Evolving how we worked with the public, we transferred our skills into organisational development and leadership, helping workplaces and people grow and develop.

We don’t recall a time when we haven’t been conscious of the different way we see and experience the world. Of how sometimes being on the outside impacts the opportunities available. Of how simple elements of inclusion make powerful differences to whether we are invited guests at the table or truly belong.

Realising that our combined personal and professional experiences can make a real impact in creating inclusion, we intentionally moved into the diversity, equity, and inclusion space. The seeds for Pito Mata Consulting were sown. Pito Mata is all about potential. The potential that exists within diversity. The potential that exists within people.

We are a consulting company like no other. We understand at a personal level why inclusion matters when it comes to unleashing potential. We get it when you tell us “It’s like they don’t see me.” We consciously share what makes us different to create space for others to belong.


We will work with you to help you unlock your potential.

Our Values

Our Values are who we are and are how we work.



We encourage and support your growth and transformation

Paper Heart


We care about who you are and how things are for you

Colleagues Working Together

Mahi Tahi

Relationships matter. Building strong relationships helps us to help you unlock your potential 



Martine (she/her)


Martine emigrated to New Zealand from England as a youngster. She was always aware that they were different and says, “We were not a Wattie’s family. We didn’t really belong”. She noticed differences and inequities, particularly how potential could languish because of discrimination and marginalisation. She draws on the knowledge, skills and experience she developed as a senior people leader, capability development manager and social work practitioner to offer solutions that maximise pito mata - potential. You can expect Martine to ask you some probing questions as she helps you draw out your thinking and your ideas. She’s a fan of doing this over a long black.

Martine is available for new clients


Tai (he/him)


Tai’s childhood in Te Tai Tokerau, the Far North gave him summers of hokey pokey ice creams and a deep respect for Te Ao Māori. Growing up he also developed a keen understanding of the inequities of opportunities, biases and predjudice. Tai wanted better for people. He wanted more. He wanted to impact systems to unlock potential. He draws on people leadership, workforce development, programme management and consulting experience developed across Policing, NGO and the Public Service. He’ll work with you to identify diversity and inclusion solutions to achieving your organisation’s pito mata, your organisation’s potential. He likes to think with a whiteboard marker in one hand, and a flat white in the other.


Tai is not currently taking new clients

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What People Say...
"Martine is outstanding to work with. She is passionate, client-focused  and delivers high-quality advice, reports and support... She is a highly capable change facilitator who contributes to development of a service-user responsive organisation."
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